Star Wars 2.5′ New Millennium Falcon

Millenium Falcon
Millenium Falcon

Best Star Wars Toy: Star Wars Millennium Falcon

My friend was recently holding a birthday party for his eight year old son and I happened to be in attendance. He had done his homework and gotten the kid just what he loved for a birthday gift. Apparently the boy’s mother had selected an equally enthralling video game that I quite can’t remember but that didn’t get the reception accorded to the Star Wars 2.5’ New Millennium Falcon. I was not even aware of its official name but I had to inquire from my friend so that I could also surprise my 6 year old nephew come his birthday.

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Being a new release from the star wars toys stable, this one is an instant hit judging from the reaction I saw on my friend’s son. I can bet that every kid who places his hands on the toy will like it and believe me; they don’t have to be ardent star wars fans.

Let us start somewhere, just as I was advised by my friend – the internet. I stumbled on reviews upon reviews of the Millennium Falcon.  Your safest bet in getting the best is to look out for several important attributes of the toy as is pointed out in the review below.

What to look for in a Star Wars 2.5′ New Millennium Falcon

Kids under the age of four years usually like to nibble on everything that fits in their mouth and toys have become a serious threat to this group. Therefore this toy is not safe in the hands of kids below 4 years. Safety should be the first priority to consider before purchasing any toy (this is not limited to star wars toys). All in all, I checked the Star Wars 2.5’ New Millennium Falcon against the following criteria

  • Safety
  • bio-degradable
  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Longevity

Hans Solo and Chewbacca


Hans Solo and Chewbacca (miniature replicas of the real star wars characters) are free with this toy, and your little kids might just figure out a way to chew on them. Be very careful with the main toy – the ship because with so many imitations of the real star wars ship, numerous minute components had to be used. Yanking them and swallowing for a child may be effortless.  Besides that, it doesn’t have any sharp projections that would injure your child.


However hard, the idea of disposing this star wars toy needs to be considered. Like with every other toy, there comes a time when the toy will outlive its usefulness. Fortunately, the makers used biodegradable material and recycling is possible.


This is a very delicate ensemble and for the price forked out to get a Star Wars 2.5′ New Millennium Falcon, you might end up supervising its everyday use. Loosen up though, that is merely a word of caution in jest. The bottom-line is, this toy is indeed delicate and you could begin replacing some parts when the kids commence their star wars adventures.

Great Features of the New Millennium Falcon

Cockpit of the Millennium Falcon

Great Features of the Millennium Falcon

This toy can sit 18 star wars characters four of which can comfortably occupy the spacious cockpit. But only two characters are provided and that means you have to buy the other star wars action figures when need be. More great features include a gunning station, a Jedi training probe, a smuggling compartment, plus a medical bay and auto ramp. These are all accessed by removing the ship’s outer panels.

How Much Should you Pay?

Among the star wars toys, this one easily takes the most expensive tag. But for under $170.00 on the Amazon site I thought it was a fair bargain considering the features and add-ons that come with the complete package.

What is Included?

Also accompanying this toy is a mini fighter vehicle, two star wars characters (Han Solo and Chewbacca), one unassembled vehicle and 7 projectiles all bundled into the complete package setting the stage for incredible star wars adventures for the young ones.

Amazon Rating and Reviews

A total of 68 customer reviews on Amazon capture the great features of the Star Wars 2.5′ New Millennium Falcon, you will be hard pushed to find any bad reviews, here are some snippets:

IT’S INCREDIBLY HUGE! This is probably the biggest and best scaled Star Wars vehicle ever made”

“I like it because it looks great on my desk; gives me some great childhood memories”

“This is the coolest Star Wars toy Hasbro has EVER created,”

“I have never seen a toy as high tech as the Star Wars 2.5′ New Millennium Falcon”


Despite being a hazard for under age kids they can still have a star wars experience with this toy under supervision. The older kids will grabble with the fragile nature of the toy but there are spare parts available albeit at added costs. Other than that, this makes the Star Wars 2.5′ New Millennium Falcon one of the best star wars toys ever created.

Where can I buy the Star Wars 2.5′ New Millennium Falcon?

Millennium Falcon

Millennium Falcon

I preferred ordering from Amazon and would suggest you do the same as they offer free shipping as well as a really competitive price for this Star Wars toy, at just under $170.00.

Where can I Read more Reviews?

Customer reviews are the best in sampling a product’s value. Amazon maintains enough of those and this particular toy had ratings and reviews from 68 different customers. By the time you are through with all of them you will have made your decision if you haven’t already done so.

Never before has it been easier for star wars fans to replicate star wars movies and star wars games in one package. Kids can mock up exciting star wars adventures with the Star Wars 2.5′ New Millennium Falcon and probably even borrow tricks and moves from star wars games like the star wars clone warsand thestar wars battlefront.Inspirations can also be drawn from the star wars legos.

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And that, is the joy of the Star Wars 2.5’ New Millennium Falcon for star wars fans.