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Dolls House KidKraft
Dolls House KidKraft

Best Wooden Doll House: Kidkraft Doll House

Girls love mock ups of their lives as adults and a dollhouse comes in handy for numerous doll games that prepare them for the ultimate adult experience. Dollhouses however, are not only limited to little girls with huge imaginations but are also favored by grown-ups who like to indulge in collecting dollhouse kits as part of their childhood memories. For the adults, any type of doll house will serve just right and its longevity is guaranteed. But selecting one for your little girl can be hectic because you need something durable, affordable and safe.

That was the dilemma my friend was stuck in before asking me to help out. So, here I was trying to search for a suitable doll house as my friend had requested. Apparently he thought I could do a more detailed online search and return good recommendations. He wasn’t so good with computers and that is where my help became invaluable. The problem was that the dollhouse was a gift for his girl and he had promised it three days earlier and with little success in sifting through the internet’s torrent of information he had to seek extra help because time was running out and the little one was getting restless with daily inquiries.

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Since I know absolutely nothing about dollhouse miniatures and dollhouse kits I had to read several reviews (keep on reading I will sample some here) before settling on a good purchase to recommend to my friend. Luckily I bumped into the KidKraft dollhouse collection. I began by perusing independent customer reviews but I finally made my way to where KidKraft have an enormous collection laid bare for your sampling. But one dollhouse grabbed my attention immediately – the KidKraft majestic dollhouse.

What to look for in the KidKraft Dollhouse


This KidKraft dollhouse is enormous to say the least. The official dimensions from Amazon put the complete structure at 15 x 14 x 52.8 inches. That means you require ample space in your kid’s bedroom or whichever part of the house you plan on having it set up. For my good friend who had commissioned this search, his little girl’s friends would soon learn about the new gift and storm the house for some fun. The space was enough for more than one comprising of 8 open rooms. The complete KidKraft majestic dollhouse weighs in at 54lbs.




One of the Realistic Rooms

KidKraft majestic dollhouse is made from wood. Compared to plastic dollhouses this one has more advantages. I know some people may reason their plastic dollhouse are better and durable but wait until they break or chip causing injury to your kids. You will run to the nearest store and buy a wooden dollhouse. Wood is safe and long lasting and you can be sure to have the dollhouse for many years to come.

How much Should you Pay?

My friend had a predetermined price range. He anticipated spending anything below $160 but I convinced him to take up the Amazon’s offer. The reason being, Amazon offers free shipping for the Dollhouse including accompanying accessories all for under $160.00.  We were well within budget since he hadn’t factored in shipping in his initial budget.

I don’t know about you but for me the free shipping and guaranteed quick delivery meant that I got the better bargain.

What’s Included


Furniture Included with this Dolls House.

  • There are 8 rooms of open space to decorate with 34 furniture pieces and accessories, including a grandfather clock a pet kitten + more.
  • Elevator going back and forward between the 2nd and 3rd floor & garage doors which open and close.

Amazon ratings and reviews

This is what got me satisfied and confident about this product – the customer reviews. Most returned a high rating and since I was shopping on Amazon I had the opportunity to sample an incredible 82 customer reviews.

Like these ones:

“Wow, this is the prettiest doll house, I have ever seen I love the cool colors it just takes your breath away”

“I knew this dollhouse was big from the reviews and pictures, but I was really blown away when I finished building it! It is taller than my tall six year old. The furniture that is included is really beautiful”

It took me only 3 hours to assemble the complete setup from the time I opened the box to the very final screw. Directions for the item were fairly easy to follow”

“When I decided to buy this dollhouse for my daughter’s 4th birthday I was nervous it couldn’t arrive in time.  I ordered 2 days before my daughter’s birthday, I didn’t think that it would come exactly on her birthday. That was a pleasant and timely surprise. The finished dollhouse made her squeal with joy”

“ I am satisfied with this product just as my family is. We love the feel good atmosphere it brought to our house ever since ordering. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this dollhouse to anyone who wants something that will last for years”


Shipping for such delicate items could result in a few broken pieces and chipped paint but whenever you have such problems replacements from KidKraft are a phone call away. Besides that, the KidKraft dollhouse is a must buy.


Where can I buy the KidKraft Majestic Dollhouse



I suggest Amazon.  Did my friend order? Yes off course – immediately after I gave him a call he made the order shortly and got the dollhouse delivered in just 2 days for around $150 with FREE shipping.

My personal opinion is that this is the best gift that any little girl could ever wish for.

Where to Read more Reviews

Click the below link to read more customer reviews on the Amazon website

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5 / 5 stars