Mattel Barbie 3-Story Dream House Playset

Barbie 3 Story Doll House
Barbie 3 Story Doll House

Best Barbie House: Barbie 3 Story Dream House

My interest peaked in this Barbie doll house when my sister “encouraged” me to buy one for my niece for her upcoming birthday. She even managed to whisper the little girl’s favorite dream house – the Barbie 3 Story Dream House.

I pondered for a moment before deciding why not, this might even elevate me up to favorite aunty and besides my last Christmas present was a lousy one… I needed to redeem myself.


I soon realized there are quite a few dolls houses on the market I wanted one that was going to make Victoria, my six year old niece  scream with delight. I didn’t have the time to hit the local shopping malls so I made myself a coffee, grabbed a pen and paper and fired up my internet browser.

I knew I had to bring myself up to speed with dolls houses as sloppy research would lead to me choosing the wrong dolls house and see me tumble down the top aunty rankings!! Thank God for online reviews because within minutes of my search I had not only found the right dolls house but became a bit of an authority in this niche gathering a load of tips to pass on to Victoria and her mom. My first stop was at Amazon for more than one reason, stick around and you will discover why.

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What to Look for in a Barbie House

According to Amazon and the customer reviews from happy parents the Barbie DreamHouse was the best Barbie dollhouse ever designed. The price was steep but just this once, I was willing to loosen off my purse strings and treat my niece to a wonderful gift.

I compiled a list of the factors that  helped me decide to select the Barbie 3-Story Dream House.

  • Size
  • Ease of  Assembly
Inside Barbie Dream House

Inside Barbie Dream House


Standing at 3 feet in height when complete, any kid could easily climb in and remain ensconced in the Barbie 3-Story Dreamhouse only that the plastic structure couldn’t hold. The weight and dimensions according to Amazon were 25 pounds and 8.5 x 23 x 36 inches respectively sufficient for all the requirements a young girl would yearn for.

Ease of Assembly

Considering it is made of plastic it was a relatively easy job to put up and I almost ignored the manual for the entire process. Victoria was at hand to help in the setup. In total we took approximately two hours but I could have done it in a shorter time, I was trying to teach the little girl how to do it on her own. Did she love it? You bet her face was lit up with a permanent smile.

Best Features off the Barbie Dream House Playset


Barbie Escalator / Staircase

A run down through the features left me amazed. For a start there were the intricate sound effects reminiscent of the real home environment. The door bell, house intercom, toilet flush and the amazing sound of food quietly simmering in the gourmet kitchen were all part of this playset. The attention to details in this dolls house was nothing short of staggering.

There is a winding staircase to the third floor where the bedroom is located. It has a fully furnished bathroom and entertainment wing for the Barbie dolls. What impressed me was the creative input that went into replicating the ideal home environment with a creative and detailed approach to all the accessories.

  • Gourmet style kitchen with large storage and mainstream accessories
  • The 3rd story has a Murphy bed and is portable for complete flexibility
  • There is a miniature escalator for use by the Barbie dolls.

The Barbie furniture is an interesting add-on to the Barbie dolls grand mansion. The lights also give the Barbie dollhouse a wow factor. Some off the other extras that made me smile were the flat screen TV and fire place which demonstrates the luxury level that this dolls house achieves and really crowns this as the ultimate dolls house.

In addition to the main 3 story house there are an assortment of about 60 play items to be shared around the mansion.

I am yet to find a kid’s play house this detailed.

How Much Should you Pay?

The price tag could put some parents off buying this, but I can honestly say the amount of enjoyment that little Victoria gets from this dolls house makes it worth every penny. And obviously I’m now number one aunty!


We are talking approximately $300.00 for this Barbie dreamhouse a cost that can escalate with additional dolls and extra furniture – an investment of a kind. But in all honesty the price tag is justified with the incredible features and amount of detail that went into constructing this amazing Barbie dollhouse. Besides you don’t buy these kinds of toys everyday so make sure it is for a special occasion.

If you want to really indulge you can go to town and snap up additional items like Barbie doll clothes and more Barbie dolls to make the Barbie doll house livelier but this is not necessary .

What’s Included?

The set comes with all the 60 pieces of furniture and accessories free but the Barbie dolls are sold separately. You will also need AAA and AA batteries to power some functions of the Barbie doll house.

Amazon Ratings and Reviews

I will leave you to make your independent judgment but here are snippets from some of the great reviews.

“I purchased this Barbie dollhouse for my niece on her birthday, and wow did it make her day. It is now 9 months since the purchase and she still plays with it daily despite the wear and tear from constant use”

This is one of the best toys we have for ever bought for our daughter who is 4. She enjoys her house all of time because there are so many fun things for her to do in this Barbie house.

My 3 year old daughter asked Santa for 2 things. The Barbie dream house being one of them. Obviously we happily obliged and overall it was worth the money.



From a personal experience I wouldn’t point out glaring spoilers for the Barbie 3-story dream house. What I noticed though, was the slight shakiness of the complete structure on assembly probably because the primary material was plastic but that was necessary for quick assembly and safety, however once fully assembled it is sturdy enough and still going strong after months of use without any sign of wear and tear.


Where can I buy the Mattel Barbie 3-Story Dream House Playset

You have numerous options for vendors of this Barbie Dreamhouse I found solace in Amazon as they also offer free delivery and a competitive price tag the latest discounted prices can be found by clicking the link below. What I know from previous experience is that timely product delivery is guaranteed with Amazon. Simply put I found them more convenient.

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Where Can I Read More Reviews

If you want to sample more reviews on this doll house go to the customer review section on Amazon for this product where you will find numerous feedback from different customers. However you can also search other reviews via search engines and you won’t be disappointed.

5 / 5 stars